Day 74 – cheesy pleasures

So what so stereotypical Germans do on a Sunday? That’s right, we have coffee and cake.

There’s a wonderful place in Munich that invented something called a Gugl – the cake the size of a praline. Genius! I’ve tried some of the original ones and also have a silicone mould for making them myself.

Today, we were invited for coffee and cake and there were also Gugls. The amazing – and new – thing to me was: they were cheese cakes, but purely the cheese bit, without any base. Again: genius! German cheese cake is different from the American version in that the mass of curd and eggs etc. gets baked in the oven. So in this case the whole thing is just a heavenly intense mouthful of sweet, cheesy goodness. Oh no, I just realized, I forgot to ask for the recipe . I’ll have to add them to my repertoire.

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