Day 73 – fraudulent cooking 2

After the “fake meat” the other day, I had to improvise with regard to cream today as one of our dinner guests doesn’t eat milk products.

Our family recipe for cucumber salad is based on thinly sliced cucumbers, garlic, cream and caraway. It’s our Hungarian aunt’s recipe that just has to be served every time we eat goulash. So I didn’t want to just make a different salad but decided to replace the cream with something else.

The perfect opportunity to try something I’d been curious about for a while: oat cream. It’s basically oats, vegetable oil and some thickening agents. The flavour reminded me a little of industrial mayo, for some reason. Must be the oil, I guess. However, it worked quite well in the salad. The taste wasn’t to far off the usual one. And it’s got only about a third the calories of normal cream. So this is definitely an alternative I will be using again in the future. Now I just need to find something I can whip like proper cream.


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