Day 76 – new guests

Today’s “first” was simply the fact that we had four people round for tea that had never previously visited us before.

It’s insane how much has happened this year already. Suddenly we’re spending time with people we didn’t even know half a year ago. Much of that is thanks to parental leave and our involvement with helping the refugees. Quite a few people have commented how they find it unusual how busy I am with various things despite having a little baby. However, for me that’s part of the charm: we’re currently redefining ourselves as a family, complete with new ways of spending our days and new people to do that with.

Obviously this is an addition to our “old” life. We still spend time with people we knew before we became parents. It’ll be fun to see how this develops once I return to work and thus spend more of my time in the way I used to.


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