Day 77 – hands-on

After a few rather unspectacular “firsts” lately, I did something pretty cool today.

For the first time, I helped refugees not behind the scenes by sorting donations, translating, organizing events or the like, but I actually helped inside a camp. There’s a small place near us where volunteers offer childcare for a few hours in the afternoon.

That’s where I helped today. We puzzled and painted, communicated with our hands and feet and tidied, tidied, tidied. It was a great experience and time just flew. Some kids were really friendly, hugging us hello and goodbye. Others were shy, only asking for help when they needed more paper or wanted a game from the shelf.

It’s amazing how children can entertain themselves. We only helped when we were asked and most of the time, the kids were really busy with their games and watercolours. Whenever they finished a painting, they proudly presented it to us and them returned to the table to start the next one. I remember that from my own childhood: an hour with watercolours meant we’d produce five or ten “masterpieces”.



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