Day 79 – a huge “first”

While today’s “first” may sound rather unspectacular to others, it was huge for me. Definitely a moment I will never forget.

F. was a bit cranky today and I was wondering what might be a good way of cheering him up. Instead of singing or just passing him a toy, I decided to treat him like a big boy.

So I got out The Gruffalo and read it to him. After a couple of minutes of trying to grab the paper or bite into the book, F. suddenly seemed to get what was going on. He just sat there, with a little smile on his face, watching my finger point at things and listening to my voice telling the story. The fact that it all rhymes probably helped make it interesting to him.

He was so enthralled still when we reached the end of the book that I read another book. And then another. The latter two were books with a little puppet inside that pokes out of the picture on each page, which made me tell the story in a much more animated way than I usually would have.


What a cosy and lovely experience. I felt really close to F. and loved the fact that he was so content. I still can’t believe how quickly we’ve reached this stage. It feels like he was only born a week ago. At the same time, however, I can barely remember ever not having my little sunshine around. Words can’t describe the love I feel for him. In fact, I sometimes wonder how my love for him can be so great when he’s so tiny.


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