Day 81 – marbellous

Once again it’s Sunday, so it’s time for cake again! Being a mum has made me quite homely.

I decided not to make my usual chocolate tarte, but go for something utterly German that I have to admit I’d never made before: a marble cake.

It was quite a lot of work for what it is… loads of stirring and adding small amounts of flour or milk bit by bit – not to mention the amount of kitchen utensils I had to wash afterwards. It didn’t taste too bad though and luckily not dry at all.

However, I think it’s back to the good old tarte next time. That’s got so much real chocolate in it that it just tastes amazing, whereas the cocoa in marble cake always seems to dye the dough more than give it a chocolate flavour (although I was clever and added cocoa to more than half the dough seeing as everyone always seems to prefer the chocolate bit).

I’m really not sure why marble cake is such an all-time classic. I think it’s quite boring, if I’m honest. And what’s with the hole in the middle anyway? Why would we make something that has a hole from the start? Well, at least that’s a problem I was able to solve…


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