Day 82 – the spice of life

All this pureeing of meat and fish I’ve been doing for F. lately has got me in the mood for something with mushy salmon in it. I figured, I might as well puree our food as well for a change.

So today, I made my first terrine. Salmon-zucchini. Yum! Such a nice change from the same old fillet with potatoes and vegetables. Normally I would have shied away from something that’s quite so much work, I think. I love how my challenge is making me vary my routines. I really think I’m back on track with this. (One of the great responses to my poll was to question my motives, which I did and decided I still like my idea of being a bit more aware of how I spend my time as life runs through my fingers. This way, every day of 2015 will have been a bit different in some way or other.)

Unfortunately, the consistency of the terrine was not quite perfect, it fell apart pretty badly. I didn’t have quite the amount of salmon it said in the recipe. I guess with something like this it’s like a cake and the quantities are really important. But the flavour was amazing. I’ll have to try it again soon to get the consistency right.

Once again, this is a “first” I’m really glad I did. And I’m even more glad there’s some left for tomorrow!


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