Day 83 – Dustin, love of my life

Three days after I placed the order, I still can’t believe I did.

But I  did and today, the parcel arrived! So now I can reveal what I was talking about on Saturday: a hoovering robot.

Dustin, as I called him, is going round the flat as I type these words and what can I say, I think I’m in love. He’s the perfect guy: not very loud as he’s working away, getting the flat clean. And when he’s done working, he plays a victorious tune and returns to his charging station and waits patiently until he’s needed again.


Enough of the sexist jokes though. The Hom-Bot really is great so far. Not too noisy, quite low so that it fits under most of our furniture and intelligent in that it learns the layout of the flat. It missed the odd bit but I guess that’ll get better over time. And it certainly is a lot more thorough at hoovering under the furniture than C. and I, if I’m honest.

I still feel quite guilt at having treated myself to such an unnecessary luxury but if it’s going to save me time and spare me lots of backaches whilst keeping the flat clean,is it really such a bad thing? Ultimately, we spend so much money on things we don’t need and, compared to cocktails or handbags, this purchase is actually useful. We don’t have a dishwasher so here’s my consolation. And I really believe running it three times a week or so will help the true live of my life with his allergies. Let’s just hope I won’t be disappointed with it over time.

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