Day 84 – training it

F. and I have been really busy and gotten around much in recent months. But we haven’t done too much travelling yet.

Today, we did our first little train journey. It wasn’t too far, but still quite an adventure. Getting on the train with a pram is the first challenge, which was manageable thanks to many very friendly people around, however.

The greatest challenge was getting back to our platform on the way back – as the station didn’t have elevators or escalators to take us to the platform.

The time on the train itself was actually great, F. didn’t seem to mind travelling at such speed or anything. He allowed me to entertain him with toys and music. There weren’t too many people on the train, which also made it easier for me as nobody shot me evil looks when the little one did cry for a bit.

I’m glad I finally had a go at a train journey with him and now know how easy it really is. Now I’m inspired to use the rest of my parental leave for some more travelling…

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