Day 88 – getting there

Today’s “first” is about to happen: our first flight with little F.

We’re arriving into Manchester very late so instead of reporting once we’re there, I decided to write my blog during a “first” rather than afterwards.

Packing for a big journey with a baby was quite a challenge but I think we’ve got everything now. We were offered a lift to the airport by a lovely friend so that made things quite a bit more relaxed.

We’ve gone through security already and F. wouldn’t stop laughing as he was getting patted down. So far, so good. I just hope he won’t suffer too much from the pressure on the plane.

Really looking forward to our holiday now. I’m just focusing on that and trying to block out the fact that I’m about to go on a plane. Can’t say I’m too thrilled about that. But I’m sure we’ll be fine and then we’ve got a lovely time together to look forward to.

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