Day 90 – old school

Just last week, I was talking to someone about how our parents told us they used to put their jeans on and then lie in the bath go make them fit tightly.

Today was the first time I did something similar: F. has been sick all day and got himself and me covered time and again. As we’re not home at the moment, both him and I have a pretty limited amount of clothes available. Thus, we ended up washing three machines today. At one point, one of the two pairs of jeans I’d brought was in the washing machine while the other was on the dryer.

I sat there in my PJ bottoms (quite a nice excuse to cuddle up in bed with my ill little bub), waiting to get my clothes back. Eventually, it was time to go out and my jeans were still not quite dry. So I ended up putting them on still quite wet. What a horrible feeling! It was cold and sticky and just generally unpleasant. Even more annoying as we eventually decided not to go out with F. being so sick. At least now my jeans fit pretty well. I really can’t imagine lying in the bath with my jeans on and then waiting for them to dry. I’m glad I did the chicken version of this…

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