Day 93 – lazy day

We decided to have a lazy day today after all the travelling we’ve recently done.

We spent the day reading, sipping tea and surfing the web. When F. drifted off to sleep in my arms, the only thing I could reach was my phone. Thus, I decided to watch the latest episode of Die Anstalt, a German political comedy I really enjoy.

It’s the first time I watched a full TV show on my phone. The times we are living in, eh? I’m out of the country but can just visit the website of a TV channel to watch their programme – on my phone! I thought it would be a bit too small but it actually worked quite well. The show is mainly about what is being said, so the visuals aren’t that important. An action film would be a different story, I suppose. I’ll have to try that next. For now, I am impressed.


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