Day 95 – Halleluja

It’s Easter Sunday today, so I seized the opportunity to attend an Easter service for the first time.

It was a CoE service this morning and even included lighting of the Easter light, which I’ve always wanted to experience. The whole thing was very moving actually. Candles always do that to me – there’s something so powerful about the symbolism of the light and warmth.

The service then continued with the priest, whose style was quite comedian-like anyhow, cutting off the tie of a man in the congregation. This was to make a point about the resurrection and how you sometimes cannot even believe things that have happened before your very own eyes. I thought that was quite a brilliant demonstration. Absolutely cannot imagine something like this happening in Germany… England is so much more innovative and accepting with these kind of things – I love it!

After the service, chocolate eggs were distributed and there was a little get-together with tea and biscuits. I’ve never experienced church like this, although it really makes such sense to make it all a community event rather than just a pure service. If you are going to make people continue to attend church, then I believe this to be the way forward.



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