Day 96 – how old am I again?

The day was going by fast and I hadn’t thought of a first yet. I can’t believe what that made me end up doing.

We were just in the supermarket when I spotted some hoola hoops in the toys section. They virtually threw themselves at me, begging me to try them out.

I had one as a child and remember it being pretty easy. So today I wanted to know if I could still do it.

First attempt was an absolute disaster. “Oh, must be because I’m still wearing my coat”, I thought and passed my coat to C.

Second attempt then, all prepared now. And it was still a disaster. Half a spin around my waist, another half somewhere between my bottom and my knees and then sort of caught the hoop by stretching out my knees as it was about to fall over them. I can’t believe it’s that difficult! When we get home, I am so digging out my old hoola hoop and getting the hang of this again!

Anyhow, what a first today – how many of you out there have ever had a go at a hoola hoop in a supermarket?


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