Day 98 – epic, apparently

Please excuse me for some slightly pathetic “firsts” recently. We’ve been so busy meeting up with friends and stuff that I haven’t really had time for many exciting new things.

So today, we continue with something fairly unexciting. But if I’m going to keep this challenge going till the end of the year, I do think I’ll have to be generous with what I accept as “firsts”.

According to C., they are brilliant and according to the packaging, they are “epic inside”: Wagon Wheels. Essentially, they’re two layers of biscuits with marshmallow-like sticky stuff in between and covered in chocolate. I tried one for the first time today and while I’m not saying they’re bad, they’re not that special either, in my humble opinion.

Quite sweet, a few different flavours mixed into one, but that’s about it. I just go nuts for Chocolate Orange, teacakes and Creme Eggs whenever I’m in England and the Wagon Wheel is certainly not as nice as any of them.


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