Day 99 – chiedi

We met an old friend from uni in Manchester today and she took us to yet another new place.

It was called ASK Italian and I presume it’s a chain of restaurants. All very Italian-themed with San Pellegrino drinks and pictures of Lago di Garda in the restrooms. There even were a couple of Italian waiters as well though.

The choice on the menu was quite varied. Pasta with all sorts of meats and vegetables as well as a nice range of pizzas. Interestingly, though, there were no meat or fish dishes, all just pizza and pasta (apart from starters and desserts, of course). I wonder of that’s an English thing. Italian restaurants in Germany usually serve “secondi piatti” as well.

The pizza was pretty cool, an oblong shape on a wooden board and served with a pizza cutter. It also tasted pretty good, although it wasn’t the best pizza I’ve ever had. But it was definitely refreshing to see some proper Italian pizza in England instead of all the deep-pan greasy stuff everywhere.

One of the best things about it all was that the weather was so nice we were able to sit outside all evening, with a lovely view of the Manchester Wheel (which has a special meaning to C. and me).


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