Day 102 – how far we’ve come

Aren’t we humans a weird bunch? We just keep inventing more and more things that make us – or rather our jobs – superfluous. 

Today I tried a self-scan thingy at the supermarket for the first time. I’ve done self-checkout before, but today it was one of the scanners you carry around to scam as you shop.


I guess you can argue that it’s quite practical to know just how much the things in your trolley will cost. And I suppose it saves time if you don’t have to scan everything at the end (we couldn’t find the right checkout and ended up scanning everything again, so I can’t say for sure). However, I still find it odd how we keep destroying jobs and forcing customers to do some of the work these days. Everywhere seems to be self-service of some sort these days. I get that the buyers will probably benefit to some extent from the shop’s savings, but in the long run, so many people have lost their jobs to machines and modernization that I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t be a bit more careful with these things.

Man, I’m sounding old!


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