Day 104 – family business

Have you ever heard anyone say that the German tax system is the most complicated one in the world? Well, that’s not a figure of speech.

Year after year, we fill in forms telling the tax office how much we’ve earned, how much tax, insurance, etc. we’ve already paid, what other expenses and income we’ve had and so on and so forth. We add receipts of all sorts of things, calculate how often we’ve travelled to work and back and specify for which insurances we’ve made voluntary payments (and because we’re German, that’s a long list).

I’ve gotten the hang of it over the years, but today was especially challenging as I had to include the maternity pay and parental pay (yes, they’re two different things) and the child benefits. It took me about four hours to fill it all in (adding the extra sheet for a child for the first time felt really grownup though, I have to say) and I am not completely done yet.

Amazing to think that just a year ago I filled in the things for C. and me together for the first time and now I’m doing it for the whole family! What a lovely “first” – despite how tedious it was. I just love being a family and everything it involves so much that even the tax declaration makes me feel all emotional these days.

Now all that’s left for me to add one day is the extra sheet for vineyards. Just because I want to know why there is such a thing. Oh Germany…


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