Day 105 – wine for a change

Munich, and in fact Bavaria, is all about beer, of course. Today, however, I went to a place that’s an exception to this rule.

The Pfälzer Weinstube is located in the prestigious and historically important Odeonsplatz, right inside the building of the Residenz, the city palace of Bavarian kings.

It’s not exactly cosy inside, rather a bit matter-of-fact. There’s tables and chairs, some wine-themed decorations and chandeliers that give the room a yellowish light which makes you worry about the livers of everyone in there (kind of fair enough in a wine bar, I suppose).

The wine list is immense (maybe the reason the waiter took our order not according to the name of the wine but according to the number on the menu, takeaway style) and ought to cater for every taste. The food menu is more limited, which I personally prefer to these menus nowadays that serve everything from sausage and Sauerkraut to curry and burgers. I just take too long to decide what I want then.

I had Flammkuchen, a kind of Alsatian pizza bread with sour cream, ham and onions, which was one of the best I’ve ever had. My spritz was a bit sour but very refreshing and ridiculously reasonably priced considering the location (as was everything).

The people in there were not as typically Munich chic as you’d expect so close to the opera and theatres, but also not necessarily my age group. That’s something I really don’t mind once in a while, however, as it guarantees no hipsters or bar fights.




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