Day 106 – why do some things even exist?

When you find out what today’s “first” has been, you’re likely to ask: “Why?”. The honest answer is, I don’t know.

Well, I suppose I did it because I didn’t get round to anything new all day and so I used an emergency “first” that had been waiting its turn for a while.

So tonight I used bacon toothpaste for the first – and last! – time ever. Again, you’re now probably wondering why we even have something like that? Simple, really: because I have a husband who gets given that kind of a thing as a present as people know he will actually try it. Garlic beer, schnitzel with chocolate sauce, white sausage ice-cream – these are all things I’ve tried thanks to C. actually ordering them. Come to think of it, maybe he should be doing this challenge instead of me!

Back to the bacon toothpaste though. It was exactly as gross as it sounds. A little bit sweet with a very fake BBQ flavour to it. I don’t think I would even have enjoyed it as a sauce with a piece of meat. But for brushing my teeth with? I’ll be honest, I brushed them again with minty stuff afterwards.

I think the worst bit was the mixture of smoky flavour and sweetness – and simply the fact that we’re just used to clean teeth leaving a minty taste behind. That’s why I had to redo them. I don’t think I’d have slept with everything tasting of bacon.



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