Day 107 – a different kind of salad

I always try to keep salad interesting, so that it’s an enjoyable part of the meal rather than just a healthy add-on.

Today, I remembered an Italian salad a friend made a while ago, which was based mainly on oranges and fennel.

I made my own version of it for the first time today (oranges, celery, onions, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper) and highly recommend it! The oranges and celery are a very nice contrast. It accompanied an asparagus and prawn risotto, and I would consider the whole thing a success.

If you just peel the oranges generously and get rid off the white peel as well, you can just cut it into nice squares and it’s easy enough and not much of a hassle (but looks and tasted almost like proper filets of orange). Walnuts might actually have been a nice addition, come to think of it. It feels good to have had a successful “first” again today. Maybe I should focus on cooking again some more…


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