Day 108 – Popeye would love it

While I’m not a fan of the fact that these days we eat fruit and vegetables that have travelled further than most of our grandparents probably ever did, I do enjoy the new and different produce from around the world this allows us to try. I try and only buy things from far away that just can’t be produced locally, whereas I’d never buy strawberries in the middle of winter or something like that.

Today, for example, I had Thai water spinach for the first time. It was inside a spicy soup so it’s hard to describe the precise flavour, but it was definitely very nice. Indeed a bit reminiscent of “normal” spinach. I read that in Asian cuisine, it is attributed cooling properties and thus combined with warming foods. And it really did contrast quite nicely with the spicy chili.

All in all, however, it wasn’t so special that I will only buy the imported stuff instead of plain old local spinach from now on. But I’m glad I tried it.


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