Day 109 – losing all faith in humanity

In face of today’s news of about 700 people drowning when the boat on which they were trying to reach Europe capsized, I decided not to tell you about something as irrelevant as my “first” today. How can the European Union, the World, how can we just look on as hundreds of people are dying while trying to reach safety from war, famine or persecution? I cannot believe the world we are living in.

I would like to ask you to take part in this campaign (in German) asking Europe’s leaders to reinstall Mare Nostrum – the EU program which used to save refugees from the sea – and maybe even to donate to Sea Watch, a private organization which is now trying to save people from the water. Just do whatever you can to help these poor souls: speak to friends to raise awareness of the issue, write to your local politicians and don’t vote for parties that have inhumane refugee policies.

If you would like to find out more about the dreadful circumstances under which refugees are trying to reach Europe, I recommend once again that you read Fabrizio Gatti’s devastating “travel report” Bilal.

Thank you ever so much!


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