Day 110 – starting small

F. only has one tiny tooth so far, but the dentist said it’s important that we start dental hygiene as early as possible. So, being the obedient Virgo that I am, I went out to buy him a toothbrush.

Baby toothbrushes are so ridiculously tiny! So cute! A minute speck of strawberry-flavoured (now that makes more sense than bacon) toothpaste and we were good to go. He seemed to enjoy the flavour and the massaging sensation so much that he let me brush his tooth (or rather half tooth) quite thoroughly. Let’s hope it stays that way when he’s got a full set of teeth to be brushed.

It seems like only yesterday that C. and I were discussing the hypothetical idea of having a baby and now I’m brushing his tooth for the first time! It’s these tiny yet momentous things that make me notice just how amazing life as a mum is.


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