Day 111 – hip-friendly hollandaise

Spring is here! Time for asparagus.

I absolutely love asparagus and would eat it every night while it’s in season if I was a millionaire. It’s quite healthy, too. The only problem is that we traditionally eat it either with eggs and melted butter or sauce hollandaise, both of which are not exactly what the doctor recommends.

So today I decided to try and find an alternative that was as much fun but not quite as fatty.

Here’s what I came up with (a mixture of several Internet ideas):

Melt about 30g of butter (low-fat if you want to go the extra mile, although real butter just tastes better) and then mix in 20g of flour. Stir briefly, then slowly add 150ml of white wine and 100ml of milk (again, low-fat will do). Whisk as it bubbles away into a nice, creamy sauce. Season to taste with salt, pepper, chili and a bit of lemon juice. Add a bit of tuneric or saffron to give it a more yellow colour and make it look more like the real thing.

It’s obviously nowhere near as rich in flavour and perfect in texture as real hollandaise, but on the upside you don’t feel as stuffed afterwards and it’s really easy to make (and even can be made a few minutes in advance or reheated, which greatly eases the issue of having to get the asparagus, potatoes and sauce ready at the same time).


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