Day 115 – getting to know a different side of my city

Today, I ventured into a world within Munich that I had little knowledge about before.

I went on an excursion about “social Munich”, which was about offers and services for homeless people and addicts in Munich. It was a combination of a walk to places that offer help to people in need and the personal story of the guide. He’s one of the new friends I made through my engagement for the refugees. What a truly amazing man. He has been through so much in life, yet he devotes his time to helping others who have not yet got back on their feet. I really admire how he has turned all the bad experiences he’s had into the wish to let others profit from what he has learned on his difficult journey through life.

The excursion today did not only show me places in Munich I’d never seen (such as the beatuiful St. Boniface’s Abbey, where King Ludwig I is buried) but also taught me a lot about how homeless people get by in Munich. We also went to Zum Steg, a pub that doesn’t serve any alcohol and learned that 95% of alcoholics unfortunately relapse after rehab.


While this was quite a sad excursion on one level of course, it still left me feeling quite happy, as I learned about so many great offers there are for people in need and as our guide Udo is just such an inspiring person. So once again I have taken a very different tour around Munich (after the food tour a while ago) and am ever impressed by how much there still is to dicsover in this city after all these years. And the best thing is that I’ve got yet another very different tour already booked for next week. Exciting times!


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