Day 120 – on the road again

After F. was such a star on all our travels through England, we’ve stopped feeling nervous about travelling with him.

Plane and train he’s already mastered, as you know, so today we took him on his first long car journey. He’s been in the car for a good hour at a time, but never much more than that.

Neither had I ever driven such a distance (our journey took a good five hours) with a baby in the back. And what can I say? Once again, he was amazing. He did have one bit of crying when he wanted changing but we were stuck in traffic and didn’t reach a service station for ages. But other than that he was just lovely, played, slept and “talked”. As if having a ridiculously sweet, funny, pretty and cute baby wasn’t enough good luck, he’s also just so content. We really are the luckiest parents ever!

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