Day 122 – great balls of fire

I’m continuing my series of coming to terms with my fear of fire. After firecrackers and candles, today I tackled fire balls!

OK, to be fair, they were only symbolic fire balls spat out by a wooden dragon in a children’s board game. But I braved them – and even won the game.

Diego Dragon Dart is a fun game which involves three marbles that have to be pushed down a slope towards one of six targets. While one player spits the fire balls, the other players have to guess which of the targets is actually being aimed for. Sounds easier than it is!

It’s definitely a game I would recommend for rainy afternoons with the family. It’ll be a few years yet before we can play it with F., but I dare say we may have the odd game in the meantime nonetheless. It’s quick and easy to play, just the right thing when there isn’t enough time for a full round of, say, Monopoly or Scrabble.



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