Day 124 – the cradle of German democracy

After yesterday’s more religiously themed history lesson, we took a political approach today.

Not far from Neustadt an der Weinstra├če in the Palatinate, the famous Hambach castle sits on a hill overlooking the vineyards below. After we bought some lovely local wine (the one we had at our wedding, no less!), we made our way up to the castle. The last 600m have to be done by foot, so we ascended through a beautiful forest and eventually arrived at the castle.

It is where the Hambacher Fest, the most important event of the German democratic movement, took place in 1832. This march and subsequent festival were a great step on the way of the creation of Germany as a whole. Moreover, this is were the colours of the German flag originated.

We had a wonder round the historic walls of the castle and enjoyed the view into the valley below. Do not miss this if you ever visit the area!





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