Day 126 – it’s actually a real thing!

My “first” today was something that I thought was a joke when I first heard about it. Turns out, it actually exists.

I’m talking about the show Married at First Sight, which is about pretty much exactly what the name suggests. Two people are matched up by a team of experts and are then introduced to each other – by the registrar who is about to marry them.

I suppose people go into a program like this thinking they’ve got nothing to lose. But is this really necessary? The logic behind it was argued to be that you’re going to work harder on the relationship if you’re married than you would if you were just going on a normal first date. But what are the odds of the couple actually wanting to be together? I mean, if it were that easy to match people up, why would our society have moved away from arranged marriage towards a free choice (based on love, no less).

Above all, what does television have to do with all this? What drives someone (and they were all rather attractive) to get married to a complete stranger in front of TV cameras? I can only hope they were at least bribed by a generous compensation.

I’m neither a complete romantic who believes in knights in shining armour nor do I think that getting a divorce is the end of the world. But is it really so bad just to go on a few dates before you say “I do”? Apart from the fact that I’d feel pretty uncomfortable not knowing half the people I’m celebrating my own wedding with, I do think that love is something that can never be created intentionally. No expert in the world can assess whether or not that certain chemistry will exist between two people. Unfortunately, I think I’m now hooked on the show as I am hoping to be proven right by all three couples saying they want to end the experiment by the end of it.

Please, let it be completely fake.

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