Day 127 – a wasted lunch

The parents of my best friend in primary school had a sandwich toaster. So whenever I stayed the night at her house, we would creep to the kitchen late at night and treat ourselves to a toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

The crispy outside with melted cheese and yummy ham inside, I remember the flavours to this day. We do have a sandwich toaster but it’s so horrible to clean that we don’t use it very often – and when we do, we tend to add some vegetables to the mix, responsible adults that we are.

Thus, I was super excited to discover a new product at the supermarket: the ham and cheese version of a pop tart! It’s got ham and cheese inside, the two slices of bread are sealed tightly and it can therefore be cooked in the toaster.


We immediately decided to have them for lunch today. Boy, do I wish I hadn’t bothered. It looked just perfect, but the “cheese” was dissembling into grease and some gooey mass and the ham was cubes of cured pork so salty you barely tasted anything else. This had nothing to do with the feasts of my childhood. But to be fair, we may only have made such a sandwich once and it probably was at six in the evening rather than in the middle of the night. The memory and time do have a tendency to distort and glamourize things.

However, if you think about how many “firsts” I’ve already had this year, it’s actually quite impressive how few disappointing ones there have been.


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