Day 128 – tick tock

We played yet another new game today. I’d seen something similar on TV not long ago and it looked good fun, so when I had the chance of playing it today, I was happy to say yes.

It basically involves cards stating categories and a ticking, egg-shaped timer that eventually makes the sound of a crushed egg. The version we played was Greg’s Diary merchandise, with cute little drawings to accompany each card.

Every time a card is turned over, the timer is started. Every player then has to say a word matching the current category and pass the timer to the next person. Whoever is holding it when it “explodes” loses that round and has to take the current card. The person with the least cards wins in the end. What a simple yet fun game! We laughed do much as the words we said got more and more absurd. Did you know, for example, that “small dog” is a type of dog and that football is an extreme sport?

My favourite moment was when I couldn’t think of anything, panicked and just passed the timer on without saying anything. I wasn’t trying to cheat, my hands just knew they had to get rid off the “time bomb”. Only after C. had taken it and said a word did he realize what had happened. It’s so interesting how pressure makes our brains freeze.



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