Day 129 – bliss at the touch of a button

I’d heard that the coffee capsules of a certain German supermarket chain are compatible with our coffee maker. So when I was doing the grocery shopping the other day, I decided to give it a try.

As I wasn’t sure which kind of coffee we were running low on, I picked something that we can’t buy specifically for our machine: hot chocolate capsules. I’m not normally a fan of hot chocolate prepared with water, but I was curious…

I ran some water through first to avoid any mocha effect (wouldn’t mind it in the future, but I wanted to taste the hot chocolate) and then put the capsule in. It really fit in no problem and served me a yummy cup of hot chocolate. While I have to admit that the real thing prepared with milk does taste lots better, this is a nice lazy alternative for a quick fix of chocolate. This makes much more sense than the tea capsules


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