Day 133 – less guilty pizza

I made pizza today, but I did it with a tiny twist.

For the first time ever, I replaced half the flour with wholegrain one. It made the pizza dough look darker than normal but I couldn’t taste a big difference. Next time, I might even use only wholegrain flour. That way, pizza gets that tiny bit better for you…

I always make a super thin base. Apart from tomato sauce, I only put on cooked ham, olives and low-fat mozzarella, so it really wasn’t too bad, I’d say. Who says pizza has to be all grease and tons of dough? That way, we got the fun of pizza but don’t have to feel guilty now.

Apart from that, today was also the first time I went to the hairdresser’s since having F. It was lovely, just having an hour of me time and sitting there letting my thoughts wander without interruption.

And I finally have a haircut again instead of looking like a mop… not that it matters, really, as I’ve taken to that practical mum thing of always having my hair tied back anyway. It’s just much more convenient than having half my hair ripped out and the other half covered in baby food. But for the twenty minutes it took me to get home from having my hair cut today, I felt like a woman again and that did me a world of good… I might just go clothes shopping some time soon.

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