Day 134 – the perks of competition

It’s not been that long that we’ve had different rail companies operating in Germany. And lately there has been an increasing number of alternative offers in Bavaria.

Thus, today was the first time I went on a train operated by Meridian. As I’m not used to the variety of operators yet, anything other than Deutsche Bahn just seems strange to me. However, I was well impressed. Not only was the train on time, the conductor was also exceedingly friendly.

Quite a while after she’d checked our tickets, she suddenly came racing back to me, telling me to let her know if I needed help getting off with the pram. Another couple, who were not very well, were allowed to sit in first class after they’d failed to find convenient seats in second class.

The layout of the train itself was also very modern and convenient, giving me ample space for the pram and a seat right next to it for myself.

A somewhat unspectacular “first” today, I have to admit. But hey, it is C.’s first Father’s Day, so that’s exciting enough for the whole family.


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