Day 135 – fake Sunday

Seeing as yesterday was a public holiday, today feels like a Sunday somehow. Thus, we’ve been having some typical Sunday treats today.

I made roast pork for dinner: Bavarian style, complete with red cabbage, potato dumplings and lots of thick gravy. I don’t make this very often and whenever I do I think I should make it a lot more. It’s not actually that much work, since you just have to stick the meat in the oven with some spices and vegetables and then pour beer over it every once in a while. Yet serving a roast always tends to impress the guests much more than things that actually are a lot more complicated.

Anyway, I love using seasonal and regional produce, so as a dessert I tried out a new recipe for a rhubarb cake with a sponge base and meringue cover. It wasn’t too complicated, really, but looks great and tastes pretty good too. The best thing is that the rhubarb didn’t even need peeling… It’s just a tiny bit dry as I unfortunately remembered the recipe wrong and didn’t buy quite enough rhubarb. But it’s yummy nonetheless and the best news is that there’s lots left for the weekend! Maybe we’ll just have it with some eggnog next time – they say it’s wonderful to accompany desserts and I’ve always wanted to give that a go.



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