Day 136 – the world is my dinner

Today, I finally had the opportunity for a “first” that I’d been thinking of doing ever since I started this challenge.

We went to a lovely Italian restaurant for a family dinner and I spotted oysters on the menu – and you could order the exact number you wanted. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I asked C. if he’d join me and we’d have one each. The waitress was very nice about it and didn’t make is feel pathetic for not ordering more.

They came on a bed of crushed ice, with some lemon and rake on the side. On top of that, we had a piece of fresh bruschetta each. Quite a nice starter.

Luckily, some people at the table had had oysters before and were able to tell us what to do. We had to loosen the edible inside from the shell, then we added some lemon and poured it into our mouths straight from the shell.

It tasted like a big gulp of sea water. Salty, slightly fishy and with a hint of lemon. Certainly not bad, but not exactly an exceptional flavour either. I wonder why they are considered such a delicacy.

It looked pretty amazing and tasted nice, but I’ll probably be sticking to other types of seafood that just have more of an actual flavour to them. Or maybe they’re just more enjoyable during a romantic tête-à-tête than a family meal?


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