Day 137 – out of character

Rather than drowning it in eggnog, I thought of another way of rescuing the dry base of Friday’s cake today: custard!

C. and I were both doing stuff in the kitchen and it was getting a bit chaotic when I spotted the word “microwave” in the instructions of our custard powder. I love the microwave for defrosting, reheating and making popcorn, but I don’t consider it a part of my cooking equipment.

However, I thought this would make for a nice experiment as today’s “first” and gave it a go. You just mix the powder, sugar and milk and then microwave it for three minutes. You then stir it well (and, in my case, refill it into a bigger bowl and clean up the mess in the microwave) before microwaving it for another three minutes. Done.

It actually worked pretty well and the custard did the trick of giving the cake some much-needed moisture. Microwave-cooking really isn’t something I am proud of, but in this case it probably didn’t do the custard any harm…

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