Day 139 – heavy-duty shopping

When I went shopping today, I finally remembered that I’d seen loads of mums looking very efficient with their babies strapped to the top of the shopping trolley in their car seats.

So I went in search of one of these trolleys. They basically have a metal contraption above them on which the car seat can be safely placed. Better still: they come equipped with a brake. If you’ve ever loaded the car from a trolley on a not entirely flat (i.e. any) parking place, you’ll know why the brake made me quite so happy. For the first time ever, I was able to place the trolley where I wanted it and know it wasn’t going to start rolling towards other people’s cars.

Back to the main thing though. I strapped F.’s car seat into the allocated space and started pushing. Of course¬† shopping trolleys are always hard to navigate due to their size and annoying wheels. Trust me, however, that’s nothing compared to the adventure of pushing one around with an added twelve kilos or so at shoulder level. Plus I could barely see ahead.

Nonetheless, this was brilliant. F. was so content being able to look at me so closely the entire time and – the best bit – by just leaning forward a tiny bit, I was easily able to kiss his gorgeous little feet. I can’t tell you who of us enjoyed this more. His feet are so ticklish! He was laughing so loudly people kept turning their heads. So although it was like pushing a grand piano through a supermarket, this was a great experience and one I’ll definitely be repeating.


For those of you who find this a slightly pathetic first: don’t worry, I’ll be trying a new recipe (pasta with¬†wild garlic – continuing the theme of seasonal foods) later. I just wanted to keep yesterday’s promise and stop the blog from becoming exclusively about food.

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