Day 140 – an unintentional “first”

Today’s “first” was one of the ones I didn’t plan or intend on doing. F. and I were out and about in the city centre when I suddenly heard shouting and screaming.

An elderly lady was screaming all sorts of things, while a younger woman was pushing and pulling her around. It looked not at all funny, so I decided to call the police. It took them about ten minutes to arrive, by which time it had become apparent that the younger woman was actually a plain-clothes policewoman herself. She certainly took her time disclosing that.

I stayed on and insisted on making a statement to the police, as I wanted it to be on record how harshly the elderly woman had been treated, no matter what she may have done beforehand. So that’s it, the first time I ever made a witness statement (still wondering why he wanted to know my marital status and profession). The most horrible thing was that when I told the policeman how rough his colleague had been with the elderly woman, he just said: “Well, if you struggle you get the rough handling.”


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