Day 141 – fair, organic and yummy

I love chocolate and I love pumpkin seeds, so when I discovered a combination of the two last week, I just had to buy some: chocolate-covered pumpkin seeds.

It’s fair trade, organic dark chocolate which surrounds ever so slightly salty, crispy pumpkin seeds. They don’t taste too intense, but sometimes a slight hint of that distinctive flavour of pumpkin seed oil comes through – and makes a wonderful combination with the bittersweet chocolate.

They’ve got pretty much the same amount of calories as a certain brand of chocolate-covered peanuts, of course, but the dark chocolates makes them so intense that you can’t binge eat them like you (or at least I) can the peanut ones. A nice little first today.

In other news: I told some friends about my challenge yesterday and their instant reaction was: “That’s impossible!”. Well, I’ve made it to day 141, so I’m a little bit proud of that… It’s going so well at the moment!


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