Day 142 – souper lunch

All the semolina pudding I’ve been making for F. lately has made me a) secretly jealous of his dinner sometimes and b) remember something I hadn’t eaten since my childhood.

So when I got a bit peckish at lunchtime, I thought this might make the perfect meal: semolina soup. My friend’s mum made it for lunch a lot when I was round their house and I used to absolutely love it. My mum used to make broth with semolina dumplings instead, which is also yummy, and which I usually make too.

But now I thought I’d give the thicker version a try. All it takes is to fry some semolina with butter (about 50g each), then add a good liter of broth, boil it for around ten minutes and season it with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

So simple yet so good! While the dumpling version makes for the nicer starter, this version is lovely as a small lunch on its own it’s one of those dishes that feel like a warm hug after a long, crappy day. Just what I needed today! Only when I sat down to eat it did I realize that this was the first time I’d made it and I had this found today’s “first” as well as made myself a very comforting lunch…


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