Day 143 – bittersweet

My auntie and I went on a long walk through Giesing, one of my favourite parts of Munich, today. We just turned corners and discovered places we’d never been before. There was no plan or ultimate destination – apart from finding somewhere we could have a good cup of coffee.

One of the things we came across – in addition to beautiful buildings, lovely greenery and, in my case, an improved sense of orientation – was an ice cream place that sells stevia ice cream.

The only kind they had was espresso flavoured, which we instantly thought couldn’t be coincidence, as the bitterness of the coffee would nicely disguise the bitterness of the stevia. This assumption was confirmed when we tried. The ice cream was not too sweet and had quite an intense bitter note to it. Like a slightly sweetened, frozen espresso. I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy stevia in hazelnut or strawberry ice cream, but this one definitely worked.

And somehow the bittersweet flavour of it was quite a nice symbol of this strange past week. It’s been a stressful week with a severe lack of sleep, C. working pretty much around the clock, a new tooth and the corresponding tears and several unpleasant experiences, like the one with the police and a very long dentist’s appointment. However, there have been amazing times, like today’s lovely walk, F. sitting on his own all of a sudden and him being so cute I keep having to pick him up for a cuddle. That’s life, I suppose, full of twists and turns – and just like on the walk we took today, you never know what you’ll discover behind the next corner.


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