Day 144 – like a big boy

F. has grown up so much in the last few days that today I decided the time had come to start treating him like a big boy.

Thus, instead of feeding him some mashed fruit while gulping down my first coffee, I sat down for breakfast with him for the first time ever. We each had a plate in front of us, his being filled with a slice of bread, a bit of banana and a piece of cucumber.

I just let F. pick what he wanted whilst I ate my own food. What a nice feeling, eating at the same time rather than sitting there hungry, feeding him. And he clearly enjoyed it too. He had most of the piece of banana and quite a bit if the bread. Obviously, I spent most of the time stopping him from dropping his plate on the floor – or picking the plate back up. But it was still more pleasant than just feeding him. I can’t wait for him to be big enough for all of us to just have meals together all the time!


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