Day 145 – still searching…

For me, the be all and end all of bottled lemonades is the lemonade sold in Crete – and other parts of Greece, I presume. It’s just so fresh, not too sweet but not really sour either, the right amount of sparkle and just generally perfect.

I’m always looking for new lemonades that might come close to the perfection of the Greek lemonáda. No bottled version has quite done it yet. So when C. bought me a bottle of the new lemonade made by Adelholzener, one of my favourite local water companies, I was quite optimistic. It looks pretty cloudy and lemony, the slogan says “Made with love” (which is the reason C. got it for me – collective aaaaaaawwwwwww now please) and as it’s made by a local mineral water company, it’s probably got a comparatively good carbon footprint.

And I have to say, it did taste pretty good. A lovely mix of sour, sweet and even a hint of bitter flavours. It only sparkles ever so slightly, which is something I quite like, and you can taste that there is actual lemon juice in there. So it’s probably one of the best lemonades I’ve come across in Germany. But somehow it still can’t keep up with the Greek stuff. Maybe that’s something to do with the fact that I didn’t have sand between my toes and the smell of the sea in my nose when I drank it…

Oh wow, I can’t believe I’m blogging about lemonade. Time for some serious “firsts” again, I’d say!


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