Day 146 – Mediterranean pleasures

After yesterday’s ode to Greek lemonade, you may not be too surprised to find out that I just love the Mediterranean lifestyle and cuisine. As I’ve said before, I’m absolutely in love with Barcelona. Somewhere deep in my mind, there is still the dream of moving there one day.

But I equally enjoy Italy, Greece, you name it. Any Mediterranean holiday I’ve ever had (and there have been many) has been just amazing. I can’t get enough of the climate, the late dinners in big groups, the fresh food and general joie de vivre.

So when I discovered that there is a Mediterranean grocery shop in walking distance from where we live (well, since I first took the pram on a bus, anything within a 5 km radius has been walking distance for me, I was truly excited. We decided to check it out today.

Mitte Meer is located behind Munich’s Ostbahnhof, in an area that is everything but reminiscent of the flair of sunny coastal towns. Neither does the outside of the shop look particularly inviting. But I don’t need lots of decorations and elaborate presentation of produce. We looked around the entire shop twice and really had to stop ourselves from going over the top. Pretty much anything I have ever brought back from a holiday to the Mediterranean (when I travel, I do my souvenir shopping in supermarkets) is sold here. Paella rice, Italian pasta that is not spaghetti or penne, Greek honey with almonds, a huge selection of fresh fish and seafood, complemented by an even bigger frozen range, tapas and sweets and snacks and olive oil, and wine of course.

You can tell the shop probably has a lot of wholesale customers. There are special offers if you buy greater amounts and there are packet sizes big enough to feed F. till he finishes primary school. I can’t believe I only discovered this now. But never mind, at least now I know it’s there!



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