Day 147 – brow wax

One of the traits most members of my father’s family have in common is the quite distinctive eyebrows. And when I say distinctive, I basically mean bushy. In fact, I had a rather strange compliment paid to me because of them when I was younger. This guy was chatting me up and actually thought it a good idea to say: “I like your eyebrows. They remind me of Sean Connory.” Needless to say he didn’t get my number…

Anyhow, I spotted a new product at the drugstore today and thought it a good opportunity for another beauty “first” (you may recall the nail fail). It’s basically cold wax strips but with a hole in the shape of what the eyebrow is supposed to look like after. I bought them with a bit of a bad feeling – but hey, that’s what this challenge is all about: trying out crazy new things. I told myself that if it went horribly wrong, it would be a good way of advertizing my blog to anyone who looked at me. And as a mum five quiet minutes in the bathroom are a very rare occasion, so I’ve been paying my eyebrows a lot less attention than I would have liked to.

Apart from the pain, I was mainly worried that I wouldn’t place the strips very symmetrically and end up with two entirely different eyebrows. Well, at least their shape would be the same, just at different angles. Hello, Mr. Potato head!

Turns out, that should have been the least of my worries. I managed to place the first one quite well. But the second one ripped as I tried to peel it off the label. So did the third and fourth. Number five was successful and I managed to stick it in at a fairly symmetrical angle. I took a deep breath and pulled the first one off. Then the second one. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d anticipated. Only when both had come off did I look at the result. And I was shocked!

It was impossible to tell the difference. I guess this is meant to merely trim the little bits around the edges after a few days, not for a full-blown zero to hero affair. In other words, I don’t think this is for us, Sean. Well, I did end up using tweezers and just did it the normal way in the end. Maybe I can use the remaining strips to keep the result of that in shape for a bit longer now.

Here’s what I started with: image After the wax: image Finally: image

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