Day 149 – low carb, low fun

I don’t get the whole low-carb trend. In my humble opinion, any diet works by the energy intake being smaller than the energy consumption. However, so many people swear by low carb that there must be something to it?
So today I replaced my normal breakfast with low-carb muesli for the first time. It looks quite yummy, little puffed balls and bits resembling cornflakes.

I mixed it with fruit and yoghurt – and I’m glad I did. These two things were what gave it any flavour at all. The muesli itself tasted so bland that I feel silly using the word “taste” at all. Only about two bits were ever so slightly sweet, the rest literally was like eating crispy air. Air at more than 400 kcal per 100 g though! And I don’t even want to mention what it cost…

One thing I did notice though is that I haven’t really felt hunger or any craving since breakfast. Maybe that’s the positive effect of a reduced intake of carbohydrates I’m feeling? Or maybe it’s a coincidence. I think I’ll try the low-carb stuff every other day for now to see if I can make out a continuous difference.

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