Day 151 – weaning? Cleaning!

The über-mothers from F.’s Pekip group are all about baby-led weaning at the moment. And some friends of ours are also saying shouldn’t he finally be getting more than just the same old stuff. My life is full of recommendations of fish nuggets and semolina hearts and sympathetic looks at F. for having to eat mashed food.

So, not wanting to be a mean mum who treats her baby like a – well – baby, I decided to try out the weaning website I was recommended. He’s been doing great with his breakfast of banana or bread and he also enjoys his hand-held snacks, so I figured that maybe it really was time to give him the chance to eat lunch himself as well.

I picked a simple recipe of things I had in the house, couscous and zucchini balls. It sounded yummy and healthy and like something that might tickle F.’s fancy. So I boiled the couscous and grated zucchini in water, added a little cumin, some olive oil and lemon juice, kneaded it and formed little balls-cum-sausages. They were anything but sticking together, so I did the optional step suggested in the recipe and fried them in the pan just a tiny bit. Literally a tiny bit as I don’t think fried food is too good in the first year.

As I took them out of the pan, it was instantly obvious that they were still far from being sticky balls that F. could just pick up and eat like a piece of bread. Well, I thought, maybe he’ll just eat handfuls of it? Think again, mummy.

F. threw many a handful of it on the floor, spread grains of couscous around the table with so much passion you’d think he was painting the Mona Lisa’s cousin and ate only half of what I ended up feeding him after all. I had a sneaky try myself when it was clear he wasn’t too keen and I have to say that it tasted really good.

So what I learned from this “first” is two-fold:
1) I should have trusted my gut feeling which was telling me that F. is still absolutely fine with eating mashed food and
2) I should have trusted my gut feeling which was telling me that just mixing couscous and zucchini wasn’t going to make nice sticky balls but just remain couscous and zucchini.

But see for yourselves (and remember to do what you think is right for your child, not what other people think you should be doing):




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