Day 153 – can’t get more regional

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know by now that I love seasonal and regional food and recipes from my childhood. Today’s “first” is a combination of all three of these. It may sound crazy if you’ve never heard of it, but trust me, it’s so good!

What is “it”, you ask? It’s elderflower pancakes. And what that means is fresh elderflower – seasonal and very regional (in fact you can’t get much more regional than from a tree down the road) – fried in an eggy batter.

For 4 flowers, you’ll need 100g of flour, 125ml of milk, one egg, a pinch of salt and a few drops of oil. Mix the flour, salt, milk, oil and egg yolk and stir well. Beat the egg white until very thick. Carefully mix the egg white into the mix and dip the flowers in one by one. Then fry them in a mix of sizzling hot butter and (flavourless!) oil and serve them with a generous layer of icing sugar. Traditionally, they only get fried on the bottom, stalks sticking up. However, if you use a bit more batter, you’ll have to fry them on the other side as well just for a little bit.

Like I said, it sounds crazy perhaps, but it’s utterly amazing. You know that intense smell when you walk past an elder tree in full bloom? Well, imagine that as a taste in your mouth! I just think I’ll actually use a bit less batter next time so as not to cover the elder flavour up too much. I remember the one my mum made them when I was little, every flower just had a hint of batter around it. Mine were more like pancakes with a bit of flower inside – which is also great but takes attention away from the main thing.



One way or another, this was definitely a very successful “first”. I’m just really trying to think of some non-food ones for the near future. Things are getting a bit one-sided again… Although I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a food and drink blog, is there?


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